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BSD 4 - Delegation to the Superintendent

Policy Type: Board-Superintendent Delegation

Policy Title: Delegation to the Superintendent

Date Adopted: June 13, 2019
Date Reviewed: November 17, 2023
Date Amended: December 10, 2019

The Board will instruct the Superintendent through written policies that prescribe the organizational Ends to be achieved and describe organizational situations and actions to be avoided, allowing the Superintendent to use any reasonable interpretation of these policies.

  1. The Board will develop policies specifically instructing the Superintendent to achieve results for recipients, at a cost. These policies will be developed systematically from the broadest, most general level to more defined levels, and will be called Ends policies. All issues that are not Ends issues, as defined here, are Means issues.
  2. The Board will develop policies that limit the latitude that the Superintendent may exercise in choosing the organizational means. These limiting policies will describe those practices, activities, decisions, and circumstances that would be unacceptable to the Board even if they were to be effective. Policies will be developed systematically from the broadest, most general level to more defined levels, and they will be called Executive Limitations policies. The Board will never prescribe organizational means delegated to the Superintendent.
  3. As long as the Superintendent uses any reasonable interpretation of the Board's Ends and Executive Limitations policies, the Superintendent is authorized to establish all further operational policies, make all decisions, take all actions, establish all practices, and develop all activities. Such decisions of the Superintendent shall have full force and authority as if decided by the Board.
  4. The Superintendent will use a reasonable interpretation of the Board’s Ends and Executive Limitations policies regarding the annual operating budget. The Board must approve this budget.
  5. The Board may change its Ends and Executive Limitations policies, thereby shifting the boundary between Board and Superintendent domains. By so doing, the Board changes the latitude of choice given to the Superintendent.


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