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Site Accessibility

This site was built using the latest HTML and CSS coding standards. Accessibility and usability of our site content and features were checked during the development stages. For the best experience, we recommended using an updated modern browser to get the most out of our website. In older browsers the main content is still accessible with less styling.

Accessibility Features

  • A skip to content link is available on every page, to help keyboard users and screen readers quickly bypass our navigation.
  • A built-in font size changer that allows you to increase the document font size.
  • A high contrast and low brightness modes are available to increase readability.
  • Font colours have good contrast against their backgrounds for better legibility.
  • Where possible SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) have been used to allow for icons and logos to be zoomed without losing quality.

Zooming in

If you find the text on our website too small to read, you can use our font size change located in the header of each page to increase the default font size. You can also use short keys in most modern browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari) to zoom in and out on our website.

  • Hold the Control/Command key and press + or – on your keyboard to zoom in or out.

Accessing our site with a screen reader

Windows users can use Windows Narrator for accessing our website, while Apple users can use the VoiceOver feature.

Also, you can use other screen readers such as JAWS or the free NVDA program.

PDF files

Our site uses PDF files for some of our documents. To open and view a PDF file, you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free. Some of these documents are not currently screen reader accessible; however, we are working on updating these documents for better accessibility.


If you have any suggestions, problems or issues while using our site, we would like to hear about it.

Serving Children & Youth Who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing/Blind or Visually Impaired