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Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles


We provide educational services, in collaboration with our partners, to support children and youth from birth to 21 who are blind/visually impaired (BVI) and/or deaf/hard of hearing (DHH).


We support families and the public school system in the education of children and youth who are blind/visually impaired (BVI) and/or deaf/hard of hearing (DHH). Our professional commitment focuses on providing comprehensive educational opportunities, which lead to the highest potential for independence, self-sufficiency and productive, fulfilling lives.

Guiding Principles

Key organizational principles guide the design, implementation and evaluation of educational services. We are:

  • child-focused and family-centered
  • collaborative, involving the student, family, teachers and other professionals
  • supportive of independence and self-advocacy
  • committed to equality of educational opportunity
  • research and evidence-based
  • accountable for learning outcomes
  • guided by provincial policies, procedures and guidelines
  • future-oriented, flexible and innovative
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