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Teaching to Diversity / Enseigner à La Diversité

October 18 & 19, 2023 / Les 18 et 19 Octobre 2023

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Good Behavior Requires Good Behavioral Leadership - Positional Authority Ain’t Leadership

  • Dr. Paulie GavoniuGavoni, Ed.D., BCBA
    USA Today & Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author, Director at Professional Crisis Management Association, Adjunct Professor, Behaviour Scientist, MMA & Boxing Coach
  • Anika Costa, M.S.Ed., BCBA
    Teacher, Trainer, Coach, Mentor, Behaviour Scientist, Adjunct Professor, Best Selling Author

Supporting the needs of students across classrooms and schools requires good leadership. Decades of research on applying behavioral science to organizations and leadership practices have given us a number of tools that are proven to be effective at bringing out the best in faculty and staff so they can bring out the best in the students they serve. However, leadership isn’t  about position or title (e.g., Superintendent, Director, School Leader, Team Leader, Classroom Leader, etc.); it’s about positively influencing behavior toward a common goal. And good leaders don’t just wait for an issue to arise and then work to put out the fire; instead, they proactively pinpoint, goal set, and create feedback loops to accelerate performance to strengthen morale, increase retention, and improve student achievement.

Comparing effective with non-effective leadership behaviors to illustrate key points, this talk aims to discuss leadership from any position through the lens of organizational behavior science for producing behavioral and academic outcomes across classrooms and schools.

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