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Policy Type: Executive Limitations

Policy Title: Asset Protection

Date Adopted: June 13, 2019
Date Reviewed: November 17, 2023
Date Amended: December 10, 2019

The Superintendent may not allow corporate assets to be unprotected, inadequately maintained, or unnecessarily risked.

The Superintendent may not:

  1. Ensure the organization for less than as recommended by the Province of Nova Scotia;
  2. Allow personnel access to funds without appropriate accounting controls;
  3. Subject facilities and equipment to improper wear and tear or insufficient maintenance;
  4. Unnecessarily expose the organization, its Board, or staff to claims of liability;
  5. Receive, process, or disburse funds under controls that have significant weaknesses in the opinion of the Board-appointed auditor;
  6. Make any purchase:
    1. Wherein normally prudent protection has not been given against conflict of interest; or
    2. Which fails to adequately consider value, quality, and program needs.
  7. Allow property (physical and intellectual), information and files to be unprotected from loss or significant damage;
  8. Invest or hold operating capital in insecure instruments, including uninsured chequeing accounts and bonds of less than an acceptable rating, or in non-interest bearing accounts except where necessary to facilitate ease in operational transactions;
  9. Permit behaviours which would damage the organization's public image, credibility, or its ability to accomplish Ends; or
  10. Change the organization’s name or substantially alter its identity in the community.


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