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EL 8 - Communication and Support to the Board

Policy Type: Executive Limitations

Policy Title: Communication and Support to the Board

Date Adopted: June 13, 2019
Date Reviewed: November 17, 2023
Date Amended: December 10, 2019

The Superintendent may not permit the Board to be uninformed or unsupported in its work.

The Superintendent will not:

  1. Neglect to submit monitoring data required by the Board according to its policy “Monitoring Superintendent Performance” (BSD #5) in a timely, accurate and understandable fashion, directly addressing provisions of the Board policies being monitored, and including the Superintendent’s interpretations consistent with the “Delegation to the Superintendent” (BSD #4), as well as relevant data;
  2. Let the Board be unaware of any significant information it requires, including anticipated adverse media coverage, threatened, or pending lawsuits and material external and internal changes;
  3. Fail to advise the Board, via the Chair, that, in the Superintendent's opinion, the Board is not in compliance with its own policies on Global Governance Process (GP #1) and Global Board-Superintendent Delegation (BSD #1), particularly in the case of Board behaviour which is detrimental to the work relationship between the Board and Superintendent;
  4. Allow the Board to be without decision information required periodically by the Board or let the Board be unaware of relevant trends;
  5. Present information in unnecessarily complex or lengthy form or in a form that fails to differentiate among information of three types: monitoring, decision preparation, other;
  6. Allow the Board to be without a workable mechanism for official Board, officer, or committee communications;
  7. Deal with the Board in a way that favours or privileges certain Board members over others, except when (a) fulfilling individual requests for information or (b) responding to officers or committees duly charged by the Board; or
  8. Allow the Board to be unaware of any actual or anticipated noncompliance with any Ends or Executive Limitations policy of the Board regardless of the Board’s monitoring schedule.


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