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GP 2f - Board Committee Principles

Policy Type: Governance Process

Policy Title: Board Committee Principles

Date Adopted: June 13, 2019
Date Reviewed: November 17, 2023
Date Amended:

Board committees, when used, will be assigned to help the Board do its job, to reinforce the wholeness of the Board's responsibilities and so as to never to interfere with delegation from the Board to the Superintendent.

  1. Board committees help the Board carry out its responsibilities, not to help or advise the staff. Committees ordinarily will assist the Board by preparing policy alternatives and implications for Board deliberation. In keeping with the Board's broader focus, Board committees will normally not have direct dealings with current staff operations.
  2. Board committees may not speak or act for the Board except when formally given such authority for a specific time and purpose. Expectations and authority will be clearly stated. Board committees will not conflict with authority delegated to the Superintendent.
  3. Board committees will not exercise authority over staff. The Superintendent works for the full Board, and therefore will not be required to obtain the approval of a Board committee before an executive action.
  4. Committees will be used sparingly and as needed in an ad hoc capacity.
  5. This policy applies to any group that is formed by Board action whether or not it is called a committee and regardless of whether the group includes Board members. It does not apply to committees formed under the authority of the Superintendent.


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