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Policy Type: Executive Limitations

Policy Title: Treatment of Staff

Date Adopted: June 13, 2019
Date Reviewed: November 17, 2023
Date Amended: November 17, 2023

With respect to the treatment of paid and volunteer staff, the Superintendent shall not cause or allow conditions, which are unfair or undignified.

The Superintendent will not:

  1. Operate without written personnel procedures that:
    1. Ensure a socially-just culture of belonging with a focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion;
    2. Clarify rules for staff;
    3. Provide a mechanism for complaint resolution; and
    4. Protect against offensive behaviour.
  2. Allow staff to be unaware of the Superintendent’s interpretations of their protections under this policy;
  3. Allow staff to be unprepared to deal with emergency situations; or
  4. Allow staff to be unprepared to carry out their duties.


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