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Policy Type: Governance Process

Policy Title: Board Job Description

Date Adopted: June 13, 2019
Date Reviewed: November 17, 2023
Date Amended:

Specific job outputs of the Board, as an informed agent of the ownership, are those that ensure appropriate organizational performance.

Accordingly, the Board will provide:

  1. The linkage between the ownership and the operational organization;
  2. Written governing policies that realistically address the broadest level of all organizational decisions and situations, including:
    1. Ends: Organizational impacts, products, effects, benefits, outcomes, recipients, beneficiaries, impacted groups, and their relative worth in cost or priority
    2. Executive Limitations: Constraints on executive authority which establish the prudence and ethics boundaries within which all executive activity and decisions must take place
    3. Governance Process: Specification of how the Board conceives, carries out and monitors its own task
    4. Board-Superintendent Delegation: How power is delegated, and its proper use monitored; the description of the Superintendent’s role, authority, and accountability
  3. Assurance of successful organizational performance (Assurance of Superintendent performance) on Ends and Executive Limitations.


GP 2a - Governing Style | GP 2c - Board Members’ Code of Conduct