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Policy Type: Governance Process

Policy Title: Board Chair Role

Date Adopted: June 13, 2019
Date Reviewed: November 17, 2023
Date Amended:

The Board Chair, a specially empowered member of the Board, assures the integrity of the Board's process and represents the Board to external parties.

  1. The assigned result of the Chair’s job is that the Board behaves consistently with its own rules and those legitimately imposed upon it from external organizations.
    1. Ordinarily only meeting discussion content will be those issues, which according to Board policy, clearly belong to the Board to decide or to monitor.
    2. Deliberation will be fair, open, and thorough, but also timely, orderly, and succinct.
    3. Information that is neither monitoring performance nor Board decisions will be avoided or minimized and always recorded as such.
  2. The authority of the Chair consists of decision making that falls within the topics covered by Board policies on Governance Process and Board-Superintendent Delegation, with the exception of (a) employment or termination of the Superintendent and (b) where the Board specifically delegates portions of this authority to others. The Board Chair is authorized to use any reasonable interpretation of the provisions in these policies.
    1. The Board Chair is empowered to chair Board meetings with all the commonly accepted power of that position (e.g., ruling, recognizing).
  3. The Board Chair has no authority to make decisions about policies created by the Board within Ends and Executive Limitations policy areas. The Board Chair, therefore, has no authority to supervise or direct the Superintendent.
    1. The Board Chair may represent the Board to outside parties in announcing Board-stated positions.
    2. The Board Chair may delegate this authority, but will remain accountable for its use.


GP 2c - Board Members’ Code of Conduct | GP 2e - Board Secretary Role